Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Oracle Apps Payroll Concepts

Payroll Terms:

1) Element: Units that represents earnings, deductions or benefits that can be given to an employee.

2) Input Value: Suppose you want to make a payment for a hourly waged employee. You will have one element called "Salary" for making payment to that employee. In order to calculate value for the element, you will needs inputs like
-How many hours he worked
-What is the per hour rate
-For how many hours he bunked the work
-Negative per hour rate for bunking
These all values are called input values to an element. You can have a fast formula or calculation logic to calculate the ultimate value for an element.

3) Element Links: It links element to the employee. We can link Element to the payroll and then assign the payroll to an employee assignment. Element can also be linked to Employee by Employment Category, Grade and Job

4) Element Entry Value: Actual value of the element entry

5) Payroll Action: Any payroll related action performed on employee's assignment is referred to as Payroll Action. it can be payroll run, quick pay, pre payments, payments

6) Pre Payments: A process which distributes amount among various payment methods
         E.g. It distributes an amount of $100 for an employee into check writer or direct deposit process.

7) Assignment Action: This is a record of actions performed by the payroll process on each and every assignment.

8) Run Results: This is actual result of payroll process for each and every element entry.

9) Balances: Accumulation of values over period of time. value can be pay_value or hours etc. Period of time is one of the dimension. Balances always get calculated dynamically from pay_run_results table & pay_run_result_values tables.

10) Dimension: A balance can be configured to accumulate or calculate value Month to Date, Yeart to Date, Quarter to Date(QTD), these different types are called as dimensions.

There are still many more terms related to oracle apps payroll which are more complex, I will discuss it in the next post. Till then keep me posted..... !!!!

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